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The usage of digital signage within bank and building society branches is expanding massively and for good reason. Retail banks and building societies have unique and specific requirements when it comes to promotional and customer communications. Digital signage is a powerful tool for educating and alerting consumers through digital screens and signs sending out messages about everything from banking products and services to security and stock trading. The benefits of digital signage in a banking environment are endless!

Compliance and significant cost savings made from alleviating the need to print vast quantities of paper (sometimes different at each location) communications - posters, are just some of the many benefits any bank or building society would enjoy when implementing a digital signage strategy.

By removing expensive antiquated looking bulky window light boxes and replacing with slim designed, store and street facing sunlight readable displays, allows a clutter free space with a powerful cost effective customer communication tool, both in-store and to the passersby.

The flexibility and dynamic ability of a digital signage network within a bank or building society setting takes in store promotion to a whole new level. The ability to switch digital screen content that plays out for just three to five seconds maximises that window of opportunity to influence the customer whilst on the move.

There's a whole lot more to digital signage than purely advertising. It is about having your very own customer communication tool in store. Within a banking environment, the relationship in how it communicates to customers is so effective and the results show as the demand for digital signage in banks is increasing. PWG have a wealth of experience providing digital signage solutions into the banking, finance and retail sectors. We have a dedicated team of digital screen media advertising experts to add real value to your organisation.

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