Corporate Digital Signage Solutions

Implementing digital signage into the corporate environment provides a communication channel that unlike other electronic forms of communication enables complete control and compliance and is easy to justify in any business plan. Digital signs can transform a workplace's existing communication to a whole new level using just dynamic digital signage.

Digital signage displays improve internal communications and will engage your staff. The cost saving on printing and distribution is immense creating a true investment that will save valuable time.

Digital signage allows easy content management and rapid deployment, rather than electronic communications such as email, internet and intranet. These bombard employees with a host of non relevant information everyday and usually go unnoticed. Digital signs will get the message content out, quickly and easily, it's an entertaining way of communication!

Providing instantly updateable, informative visual communications through digital signage will engage your people on a new level, as they will receive relevant communications when at their most receptive, whilst navigating the company's premises at various times of the day.

PWG have worked with many varied corporate clients and in most cases, due to the nature of internal communications content, provide a solution that is controlled fully by our client's internal communications team.

Read PWG corporate digital signage solution case study incorporated for BSI

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