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Government and Educational campuses benefit from digital signage in a number of ways. Information is critical in schools, and the communication to the right people is a must have in most government ministries. PWG have designed and installed digital signage systems at many establishments in the Government and Education sector from University and college campuses to British Heritage. The initial brief is usually very similar - our digital signs improve the effectiveness of communications to the pupils, staff, visitors and stakeholders.

Introducing digital signage, ticks most boxes for education and government applications. In particular digital screens of varied and appropriate size, strategically placed throughout large footfall areas such as corridors, break out area's are extremely effective for capturing large moving audiences.

Together with the environmental advantages and cost savings of reducing paper, plastic and ink, digital screens significantly improve communications throughout a campus community, by sharing information and conveying, latest events, class updates, safety messages - government announcements. The digital signage network has a high demand from these organisations and is set to grow higher; it's an effective way of attracting your audience.

Contact us today to find out how digital signage can significantly improve the communications in your particular area of education whether it is a school, university or college campus or alternatively a local or central government application.

Read PWG government & education digital signage solution case study incorporated for Lincoln College

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