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PWG know the healthcare industry well, having provided digital signage solutions to the NHS trust. With such a large and varied audience the healthcare sector benefits enormously from implementing digital signage.

Our system interface provides simple web based local control that enables clinics, hospitals and surgeries to deliver information on digital screens to their patients, clinicians and other staff. It enables internal NHS or healthcare staff to easily update relevant information and communications. Significant cost and time savings are made by alleviating the need to produce and distribute paper posters, which are replaced with engaging eye catching moving visuals.

The following are only a few examples of the varied use of how healthcare digital signage can simplify your communications strategy.

Digital Signage in Surgeries & Clinics

Digital signage is ideally suited to informing patients about prescriptions, surgery information, home visits etc as well as used for the monitoring and testing of cholesterol, vaccinations, blood pressure and flu jabs. Digital screens can raise awareness and educate patients on the prevention of health related illness such as heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes and also the promotion of ‘stop smoking initiatives' and programmes to promote a reduction in alcohol consumption. A digital signage solution can allow all of these messages to come up one by one in a matter of moments to alert your visitors and patients while they wait.

Hospital Digital Signage

Hospital digital signage will help by improving communication between patients and doctors. Informing patients about opening and visiting hours, reminding patients of the importance of frequently using hygienic hand gel provided. As a visitor, navigating around a large hospital can be a challenge. With a digital screen visual moving aids can be displayed to help assist the process and hence reduce confusion and tension.

Local & National Advertising

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Digital signage complements patient and visitor communications and information, raising awareness on health related services and products through promotional campaigns provide a potentially strong revenue stream.

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