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Retail digital signage systems allow retailers operating in a highly competitive sector to implement new and innovative ways of improving their existing customer's experience as well as cleverly marketing their products and brand through the use of digital retail displays.

Using digital signs in a retail environment is dynamic and can grab the customer's attention and influence their decisions on purchasing. The flexibility and dynamic ability of a digital signage network takes in store promotion to a whole new level. The ability to switch digital signage content that plays out for just three to five seconds maximises that window of opportunity to influence the customer whilst on the move. A digital sign is instant and has the ability to change advert content in moments if you are trying to attract a particular target audience for your business.

We believe that in most cases digital signage is not a substitute entirely for traditional paper print but is completely complimentary within the media mix. There are however many obvious benefits to replacing specific static paper posters with digital screens.

There's a whole lot more to retail digital signage than purely advertising. It is about having your very own customer communication tool in store. Whilst primarily digital signage can focus on promoting, driving and uplifting sales, it is also used to entertain, empower, inform and engage with your audience. This approach in turn ultimately increases spend - because shoppers are savvy and appreciate that you are not bombarding them constantly with intrusive sales messages.

PWG have a wealth of experience working with the retail digital signage sector and a dedicated team with the knowledge and expertise to add real value to your organisation.

Read PWG retail digital signage solution case studies incorporated for L'Oreal and Carphone Warehouse

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