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Transport and industry is made up of a diverse and significant audience. Whether you are an airport or a manufacturing plant with thousands of employees, the same challenges of communicating to such a large and varied audience apply.

Advertising & promotion within airports, train stations and other public transport locations is made so much easier and cost effective when utilising digital signage.

Digital signage is quick and easy to update, provides local control for internal communications team and is simple to maintain with low running costs.

Consumers, who use public transport or work within the industry, demand a medium that will keep up with them. Digital screens significantly improve communications throughout such large and multi-site operations. By sharing information and conveying, latest safety statistics- information, staff- team events messages, - company announcements. Digital signage can be used to provide both indoor and outdoor communication and can add an important addition to the company's efforts to get their message to the public.

Digital signage Applications:

  • Airports & Train Stations
  • Utilities
  • Bus & Coach Stations
  • Logistics & Distribution Centres
  • Bottling plants
  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Cement & Aggregate plants
  • Steel Works
  • Chemical plants
  • Oil Rigs
  • Shipping Ports

The above is a non exhaustive list of transport & Industry type locations where digital signage will enhance and improve the staff, visitor and stakeholder experience and provide your business with a measurable and powerful communication tool.

Read PWG transport & industry digital signage solution case study incorporated for Charters Peugeot case study

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